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The New Normal

With the Government now slowly easing the lockdown, businesses are preparing to reopen with changed working practices to reflect the continued fight against the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the Government's advice, the Atlas Group is able to provide a range of solutions to help you back to work quickly and safely, offering reassurance to customers and employees that the best possible measures are in place to protect them.

A clean, compliant environment will be crucial to ongoing infection control and you will need to ensure that you have appropriate cleaning and hygiene measures in place.

Our specially trained teams operating out of 22 Atlas locations across the UK are ready to help you reopen your buildings, optimising safety and minimising risk.

Before Reopening

As businesses consider their back to work plan and what the future looks like, ensuring a safe and compliant working environment will be vital. Your business will have a duty of care to minimise the risk of further infection. To support your back to work plans, we can offer a range of safe and compliant solutions including:

Sparkle or disinfection clean

Carpet & upholstery clean

IT & Equipment clean

Window, façade & high level cleaning

External pressure washing

Grounds maintenance

Pest control inspection

Provision of PPE & hand sanitiser solutions

Employee welcome packs

Keeping the Workplace Clean

In accordance with the latest Government guidelines, we strongly recommend an increased level of daily cleaning and sanitisation throughout your building and in particular on high risk touch points and communal areas.

Atlas has developed three distinct service offerings to minimise the ongoing risk of infection and to support your business in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus.

Highly visible, sanitisation cleaning to frequently disinfect all touch points and communal areas.

Reduces the risk of virus and bacteria transfer.

Enhanced daily option using market leading virucidal applicating equipment – 10 x faster than manual methods.

All treatments fully effective within 60 seconds.

Fully compliant solution providing reassurance to customers and employees.

Up to 30 day protection from coronavirus for all your surfaces using an antimicrobial protective coating.

Fast and effective application using market leading equipment (often referred to as fogging/misting).

Experienced technicians to guarantee effective treatment.

Environmentally safe, non-corrosive and IT friendly.

Scientifically proven solution.

No disruption to staff and customers.

Deep decontamination treatment in reaction to suspected or confirmed cases of coronavirus.

Delivered by experienced technicians with full PPE.

Fast and effective application using market leading equipment.

Virucidal disinfectant is proven to be effective against 99.99% of all known bacterial, viral & fungal pathogens including the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Chemicals meet all necessary standards including EN1276:1997 (Bacterial) and EN14476 (Virucidal).

Treatments effective within 60 seconds and once completed, areas are ready for use.

Option to add the Protect service.

Hygiene & PPE

Atlas can ensure continuity of supply through our dedicated supply chain. We are able to supply a range of hygiene products and PPE to protect your people and customers.

Hand sanitiser & soaps

Dispensing solutions

Paper products & dispensers

Cleaning & disinfectant products

Disinfectant wipes

Nitrile & rubber gloves

Face masks (disposable & washable)

Aprons & gowns

Signage & guidance cards

Employee welcome packs (hand sanitiser, masks, gloves etc.)

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